did binghampton decisions for RD 2008 come out already?

<p>im confused...did they come out?</p>

<p>where can i check them> i keep going to appliation status checker nad theyre like "this is for Graduate schools...etc"</p>

<p>They did come out, use your BU ID number to sign in with your birthday as password. Go to the undergraduate application status checker.</p>

<p>Mine already came in the mail too, as well as online. When it says the thing about graduates, just scroll down to the undergraduate link.</p>

<p>Under the graduate message there is a undergraduate link that says Fall 2008 click on that and you should see your application summary and decision status!</p>

<p>I got accepted here on Friday and I've received nothing (in NY).</p>

<p>I didn't receive anything by mail either. I'm also in NY, but I heard on Friday too so I guess it will take a while</p>