Did everyone else know that scholarships are separate letters from the finaid?

<p>The finaid letter you receive does not include any scholarships you may have received, only loans, grants, and workstudy. I feel kind of dumb about this. I know dept. scholarships are separate I'm talking about the ones you qualify for in...your application? Nevermind, just in case there are other ignorant people like me who thought they may have gotten a scholarship and they didn't get one in their finaid package, there's still some hope.</p>

<p>Hah, yeah, I didn't realize that at first either.</p>

<p>any idea when/where we find out about merit scholarships?</p>

<p>When I called the finaid office they said they were still working on scholarships so I don't really know. You could call them and ask specifically about your package if you have your UTEID with you.</p>

<p>i got a merit scholarship ($3,000) for 09-10... they sent it to me in the mail last saturday. Live in DTX.</p>

<p>iambored10 was it one of those that you checked off on your application that had a bunch of crazy requirements? You know how there was this about 15 list of scholarships and you marked which you qualified for? Or was it something the school just automatically gave you b/c of your stats?</p>

<p>A lot of colleges like Engineering and Geosciences have college scholarships that they give out.</p>

<p>The big ones like Natsci and COLA don't give any at all. You basically can get the Texas Exes scholarships (part of the long list of requirements and scholarships on the app) or you're out of luck.</p>

<p>55% of UT students receive some merit aid, but from what I've heard the vast majority of these students receive somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000 per year.</p>