Did everyone get letter inviting you to try for arts scholarship this week?

<p>My D got a letter inviting her to participate in a shot at a creative arts schoarship in January. You can submit a work of art, write a story, etc. Did all applicants get these?</p>

<p>yeah i got this.. not sure if it indicates much beyond the scope of the letter</p>

<p>Probably not. The letter didn't even address by name. I just was hoping that maybe it only went out to those students whose applications looked "promising". :)</p>

<p>if you daughter is at all interested in the arts, it is a great idea to audition for whatever art form it is. i auditioned last year for a theater scholarship (that i received) and meeting the professors in the department played a huge role in my decision making.</p>

<p>yea i got one too, and have no interest at all in the arts, i applied for engineering</p>

<p>i'm auditioning for the music scholarship, but i have to mail only a tape.</p>

<p>My son can't find the letter and he remembers that it said a specific font type and size for the creative writing piece. Could someone please look and let me know what it is? If you could do it today, that would really help as he has to mail it as he can't go up on Saturday.</p>

<p>Never mind- turns out he had given it to me! In case someone else needs to know, it is 12 point, double spaced- no specific font specified.</p>

<p>Could someone who went up this weekend share any details they gave out? Like do you find out if you got a scholarship at the same time as you get your admission letter? How many scholarships are there and how many applicants? Anything else noteworthy from the weekend?</p>