did Hurricane Dennis affect any one here?

<p>if so my sympathies and hope the damage wasn;t much</p>

<p>Only mild inconvenience of no power for two days. Very lucky, considering...</p>

<p>We lost power on our street when the wind began to blow on Friday evening (we live in South Florida). Didn't get it back till Sunday afternoon. Inside the house it was at least 90 degrees, except at night, when it was maybe 83! We lost the contents of two refrigerators, as well. Older S is home from college and was sick all weekend with fever and sore throat, so we moved out on Sat. and stayed with a relative that night. Not that many people lost electricity down here -- it was mainly in small patches because of tree limbs falling on power lines.</p>

<p>On the brighter side, no damage other than tree limbs down, and no injuries. I hate to complain when I see the destruction and suffering in the islands and in the Panhandle of Fla.</p>