did i get accepted?

<p>Hi guys, so i applied regular decision, and they told me to expect to hear back mid to late February. I haven't gotten anything in the mail from umbc yet, but on myUMBC (the site where you login you check your admissions decision), instead of clicking on the usual "check your admission status in the middle of the page, it gives me this</p>

<p>• Accept or Decline Your Admission (online) • Transfer Credit Report (guide)
• Accept or Decline Your Admission (by mail) • Health Form • Online Housing Application
• Orientation and Placement Testing Registration</p>

<p>However, when i click on "accept or decline your admission (online), it still says that the status of my application is simply a green circle meaning "complete", rather than the preferred star that means "accepted". </p>

<p>And if it helps, i dont know if this the case before, but when i click on my profile it says that my affiliations are<br>
-undergraduate admit</p>

<p>Now from what i can infer, it looks like i got in. But i don't want to get my hopes up! I'm really scared and excited right now, umbc is my number one as of right now! I know i probably will get my admissions decision in the mail soon, but i'm too anxious to wait. does this change in myUMBC mean i'm admitted?!</p>

<p>Same thing with mine</p>

<p>That sound like what my son's account changed to when he got accepted. 2 days before he got the letter it hadn't changed from how it was origionally set up so I think you will get the big envelope in the mail soon.</p>

<p>Awesome! Thanks a lot andygonzo</p>