Did I Get Rejected by Penn State UP?

<p>i checked the site today and nothing was up, but i came home to folder that says that i was admitted to Altoona (which i don't necessarily plan on attending)
and i checked the site again and still nothing was up...and on the letters they sent me nothing said that i was rejected from UP...it just says that i have been accepted to altoona..
GPA: 3.85 uw
extras: football, track, nhs, acadeca medalist, volunteer
i mean i'm not gonna go to penn state if i don't get into UP...was the acceptance to altoona just a clever way of them rejecting me to UP? (my guidance counselor did in fact send my trasnscripts out like 2 weeks later...) there's still nothing on the site btw</p>

<p>Pretty soon, the calls from Altoona admissions will start. They don't reject you. They just donot accept you to the main campus.</p>

<p>so i can just wait til may to get an answer from UP?
considering kids that are accepted might want to pull out?</p>

<p>I think you have your answer, but if want to make sure, give the UP admissions office a call. My son was admitted to a different branch campus, but it did not appear to me that he will be reconsidered for the main campus.</p>

<p>dang i have to wait til tomorrow to call..sent them an email but that'd probably take a while..
and i just read there's no more housing left and i have to get an apartment if i end up going to altoona...and i'm not trying to get an apartment freshman year...and i read around and many said to call them and appeal to them? i feel like i should because i'm not getting an apartment freshman year lol</p>