Did I Get the Right Prep Books? ( SAT II's and AP)

<p>alright so today i decided it would be a good idea to get some books to study for a test two weeks away haha</p>

<p>_ For SAT II: Biology E/M
the Kaplan SAT Subject Test Biology E/M 2005-2006 Edition ( haha look how proper i just made it)</p>

<p>For SATII : Math 2c
The Princeton Review Cracking the SAT Math 1 and 2 Subject Tests ( i feel like will most likely take the math iic but figured this was good background insurance and all, im in ap ab calc now and realize i should have taken a math sat ii way before this but yeah ive already taken pre calc and all )</p>

<p>For AP Gov: The Princeton Review Book for 2004-2005 ( i chose it over this 2002 barrons book, i thought barrons made a new one but Borders didnt have it)</p>

<p>are these the right books?</p>


<p>Dude, the exam is about 2 weeks away and you are still worried about books? lol</p>

<p>why not cryptic? I plan on teaching myself the Lit and Physics and have never taken a physics class by June. He has learned the stuff and is just refreshing.</p>

<p>cryptic im talkin about the sat II's , i didnt kno if the books i got were right, disregard the ap book question</p>