Did I just make the most gravest mistake of my life?

I graduatlted high school in 2012. The only schools I applied to were CSULA, UCLA, and USC. I only got accepted to CSULA. I didn’t apply to the other UC’s because I didn’t know. I went to CSULA for a year, then went to community college because I wanted to be like my friends in high shcool who went to UC’s and dormed. I spent 5 years in 4 different community colleges. I appkied as Bio Major 3 years ago but I got rejected because I had a low GPA, plus I didn’t meet the major GPA requirements. So I can’t apply as a Bio major anymore. I applied last year and got accepted to UC Davis for this FAll 2018 as a Chemistey major. I SIRed and applied for housing and paid my deposit. Then somewhere dduring summer I just changed my mind because something was holding me back from going to UC Davis. It seemed too far from home, plus I didn’t like the idea of living with others. So now, I am not going to school currently since June. I have 75 UC transferable units, and I’m really unsure what to do. As time is passing by, my motivation and studying skills are decreasing. I’ve found I can’t study as wel as I used to. Should I go back to CSULA? Should I just not finish school and just work?

You need to make a decision in life and commit to it. Nothing is perfect. Many times working hard and getting a degree isn’t fun. (sometimes it is) Grit, hard work, and perseverance are attributes that will lead to success.

UC Davis is an AWESOME university for anything science related.
You have to make up your mind: dorm and create a new life for yourself, make new friends and keep the old ones: go to UC Davis (reapply).
Or stay where you are, reapply to CSULA.
CSULA won’t be as “good” academically and for the college experience as UC Davis. However it’ll be close to home for you. It all depends on whether you want to branch out and try something new, or if you want to stay in your area.
Keep in mind that your current friends may move, that your job may require you to move, so keeping things as they were in HS isn’t going to happen no matter what.

You don’t seem like you’re living life for your own sake. But for others. You wanted to go to other UCs because you wanted the feeling of a dorm. You got accepted and now you don’t like what you see. You really can’t be choosing not go to a great school like UC Davis because you don’t like living with other people.

What I recommend you doing is going to somewhere you actually ARE happy. Take everything into consideration and push through it. No one here can help you decide where to go and say you’ve messed up big time. You yourself have to decide what makes you happy and you need to think about this deeply before you make a decision.

I would make the generic “you’re still young, don’t stress about it” statement, but you’ve spent 5 years in community college and finally got accepted to a UC you wanted, but now you don’t want it. To me it’s okay to make mistakes, but that is just irresponsible.

I don’t know who is stuck paying for all those years you’ve been in school, but it’s time to grow up and get your degree. Face head on whatever fears stand in your way. Regrets about the past will do nothing to help you move forward. Make a plan and follow through with it. No more detours!

Well, considering that you dropped out of CSULA in the Spring of 2013, you can’t say that you “just” made the gravest mistake of your life. In any event, unless you have a time machine out in your garage, nothing you can do about it at this point. Only thing to do is move forward.

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea, but if taking a few years longer to finish college remains your worst mistake ever, that’s not a bad life.

Your experiences so far have made you who you are now. Learn the lessons your past has to teach you, then move on and do your best.

Regrets won’t help you. Brush that off your shoulder and move on. You learned a lot about yourself in that time and probably will be a better student now. Have a great year! Good luck to you!

The gravest mistake of your life is marrying an abusive spouse. Driving when drunk or high, and hitting a group of kids waiting for a school bus. Etc.

Move forward. You are a different person than you were last time around. Study hard, knuckle down and get everything you can out of your classes, and knock the ball out of the park academically. You can do this! The added maturity is going to help you see the value in doing well, making relationships with your professors and other students, and reaching out for help the SECOND you feel overwhelmed or are falling behind.

It’s just life. Look forward. Move on.

what did you end up doing? did you go back to csula?