Did I just screw myself over?

<p>Listen to my story if you want to:</p>

<p>About two weeks ago, my MAC would randomly start dying on me. I ended up having to take it to the UCSD bookstore to get it checked out. Okay no big, turns out that my charger was messed up. I ended up giving them my charger and a week later they would send me a new one. Then, they also asked to hold my laptop, which I thought was a littttle strange, but I decided why not its dead and theres nothing I could do on it anyways.</p>

<p>I work at Starbucks, so the next week my mom had to go the bookstore to pick up my laptop. Turns out everything is dandy...... WRONG. </p>

<p>The SIMS 3 CD that was left in my laptop was GONE. When I realized this, I noticed that it was too late to call the bookstore. I'm now going to call them tomorrow and demand for it but in all reality....it was my own fault for leaving it in there. Now if someone gave me their laptop with a certain, tempting CD would I just steal it for my own self?....No, because I have a conscience. But unfortunately not everyone has a conscience.</p>

<p>Sadly I spent my first paycheck to buy that SIMS cd and now its gone. And I got jipped at the UCSD bookstore... of all f/ucking places. I guess I'll just have to hope that someone there is trusting enough to say if they have it, if not too ****ing bad.</p>

<p>Maybe they took it out and forgot to put it back or something</p>

<p>I hope so. When they were charging my computer, one of the guys who works there went "oh so you have the Sim 3 in there" me, being a complete idiot lets him take my laptop. man i feel completely stupid. for all you gamers, that game cost me like 50 bucks too.</p>

<p>Oh. That sounds pretty sketchy lol</p>

<p>Yeah its the perfect mix of sketchiness and stupidity</p>

<p>You can always find a copy of the game disc online....</p>

<p>Feel better, the thief didn't get much out of you aside from the disc as you need a EA account w/ a legit sims 3 key for the game ;).</p>

<p>Well for now, I don't want to jump to conclusions and accuse anyone but thanks</p>

<p>Yeah, since you have a key, just torrent one. Btw, the reason why your mac was shutting off was probably your motherboard.</p>

<p>It's called a logic board on a mac.... ;)</p>

<p>They probably just forgot to give it to you. Check and see if they have it at the Customer Service Counter. If not, ask to speak with someone in Loss Prevention (the people in the back who monitor the cameras). Good luck!</p>