Did I make a big mistake?

<p>On my UNC app i didnt fill in any of the AP test scores that I took. I just left that section blank. I thought that if I got accepted I would just send them in no problem. Should I have filled that part out or does it not matter?</p>

<p>Hey again max, lol.</p>

<p>It's fine...send them after you're accepted. I'm applying too, so we'll see each other there, lol.</p>

<p>i doubt it haha
i wanna get in there SOOOO bad but i know its not gonna happen</p>

<p>Hey.. I applied to UNC as a transfer too.. what are your guys' stats? I'M SO NERVOUS!!!</p>

<p>Haha, ok, we should all three post em.
Mine's probably the lowest, but here goes.</p>

GPA: 3.5 (UW - No honors or AP offered)
SAT: 1250 M and V, 1850 Total
ACT: 29</p>

Community College
GPA: 4.0
Course load (first 2 semesters):
Biology I and II with labs, Chemistry I and II with labs, English I and II, Cultural Anthropology, Art History, Calculus I, American Government and Economy.</p>

<p>Summer: Calculus II</p>

<p>You guys post too. Once we ALL get accepted, we can all meet at that big white..gazebo they put in all the "Wish you were here...but you're not! Mwuhahah!" postcards, and be like "HEY! We made it!"

<p>HS GPA(private school...my downfall): 3.18
College GPA: 3.41</p>

<p>good ECs, etc</p>

<p>auto rejection FO SHO</p>

<p>Nope, not an autorejection at all. I think you have a real chance.</p>

<p>explain to me how? my GPA from HS is sooo low
3.41 GPA in college with 17 credits isnt too bad though
are good ECs: 2 sport captain, tons of comm service, clubs, etc?</p>

<p>Sports captain is great. 3.41 is really fod depending on course load, and yes HS GPA is bad but they like the upward trend. Dude, you have a good chance! lol</p>

<p>What college?</p>

<p>university of arizona</p>

<p>Well... I'm from Cleveland, OH so last year I basically had NO chance... </p>

<p>Hs: </p>

<p>4.3/ 4.0 - AP History, Bio, English, Physics, BC Calc (passed all)
Editor of school paper, varsity track all four years, tennis 2 years, soccer 2 years, dance team 4 years (Captain 2), honors society, graduated 7th/ 223, a lot of journalism awards (most in school history), ohsaa scholar-athlete, Act= 31, SAT= 1310 ? ( don't remember), student government, other crap as well.... </p>

<p>College: College of Charleston in SC </p>

<p>1st semester: 3.55 </p>

<p>Classes: Calculus III, Honors English, Honors Seminar, Jazz, Spanish (we have to take four classes, and i was in the highest one), Public Speaking</p>

<p>2nd Semester: Don't know GPA...</p>

<p>Classes: Intro to Comm Theory, Mass Media, Linear Algebra, Intro to Abstract Math, Tap, Honors Psych</p>

<p>I am also on the dance team here ( considered DI athletic), am in the Honors College, on the Presidential scholarship,write for the newspaper, and work for the math department..</p>

<p>It has been my dream to go UNC since like 8th grade but if I don't get in this year then I give up. C of C is way too southern for me so if I don't get in UNC I am either going to Ohio State or Indiana.. but hopefully not.. I'M SO NERVOUS!!!</p>

<p>Haha, well starstuff, you have the best chance of all 3 of us.</p>

<p>are you guys out-of-state too??? i am so nervous</p>

<p>Yup...but I'm from there</p>

<p>What's going on im in the same boat as all of you guys here are my stats.
HS GPA: 3.35
College GPA: 3.8
Awesome Activities, Whole family went to UNC, Got into Phi Eta Sigma honors fraternity, Great professor recommendation, also great essays, so do i have a shot?</p>

<p>is it alright it my recs were from my HS teachers. i didnt know my college profs well enough to ask for a rec. plus my classes usually had over 250 kids in them</p>

<p>I had the same economics profess for micro and and i have him for macro, he knows my name and really likes me i think, so that is who i got to right my rec, for me, he said he was gad to do it.</p>

<p>I thought we weren't supposed to have recs?</p>