Did I mess up my AC requirement??

<p>I'm looking at the CNR handbook (<a href="http://cnr.berkeley.edu/site/forms/oisa/undergraduate_handbook.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://cnr.berkeley.edu/site/forms/oisa/undergraduate_handbook.pdf&lt;/a&gt;)
and it says, for recommended courses, "any AC course numbered 99 or less." What the heck is this? I took an AC requirement this fall that was numbered 124. What's the problem with it; will they not accept it?</p>

<p>It's fine. Courses numbered 99 or less are just lower-division classes, which are recommended for first-year students (the header says "First Year Recommended Courses Summary").</p>

<p>You can take upper-division classes during frosh/soph years, just make sure you meet the course prerequisites.</p>

<p>They are presumably recommending that freshman take lower division courses, but it seems unlikely that an upper division course would not be accepted (since the AC requirement does not specify lower or upper division).</p>