Did I misinterpret this Harvard supplement essay topic?

I decided to choose the “How you hope to use your college education” prompt and wrote the essay about how I want to attend Harvard to study the field that is my top career choice and my experience in helping people that relate to this career, which is how I was inspired to want to go into this field (sorry for being vague, don’t want to reveal too much about the essay).
Does this not fit with the “How you hope to use your college education” prompt? I was looking at some websites that talk about the Harvard supplement and they said the essay should be more about only the career and how Harvard can help me pursue this passion. But I’m pretty sure Harvard already knows they can provide me a good education?! I also saw another site say they don’t recommend doing this essay prompt because it’s looking too far in the future, but my essay more focuses on my current passion and how I’ve helped my community relating to the career I want to do. If this essay prompt is that bad, would it be better if I just chose the “other” supplement essay prompt? Or does my essay sound like it could fit under the prompt option I already chose, or a different prompt possibly?
Thank you for any help.

Your essay sounds fine. Don’t overthink it and maybe stay off those websites :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: