Did I miss something?

<p>But how is "Hey There Delilah" the 3rd most popular song on iTunes? Didn't it come out like 2 years ago?</p>

<p>"All That We Needed" came out in early '05, yeah. But they've already played Warped three times, so maybe they're on a preview comp. album for this year's. It is sort of weird.</p>

<p>It was (re?)released as a single and got been picked up by the major "music" networks. They were even on Jimmy Kimmel playing it on Friday night.
I guess the world needed a sappy summer ballad and this was the first thing to fit the bill.</p>

<p>Wow, now it's number 1.</p>

<p>My friend told me to download, and when I did I was not that impressed. Good for them though.</p>

<p>I liked that song when it came out, but now I just get annoyed that its on the radio so often. I don't get it.</p>

<p>I don't quite see the point. It was written for a Columbia runner named Delilah DiCrescenzo. Supposedly, the singer met Delilah through a mutual friend and thought she was the most beautiful girl ever, but they never even had a relationship.</p>