Did I totally screw myself over?

<p>I applied to NU as a prospective theatre major in the School of Communications - a major which caps its incoming class at 50 boys and 50 girls, and is not based on audition. But the only supplementary material I included with my application was a performance resume. I didn't send in a recommendation from my theatre director because it wasn't "maxed out" (my director likes me and his letter was great, but he's not the type to check all top 1% boxes, especially because he's worked with so many talented kids). I was afraid that a non-maxed out rec from a theatre director would weaken my chances... but then I only ended up sending in the required recommendation from an academic teacher. It's a fantastic rec, but I feel like my application does nothing to show that I have, like, actual talent outside of academics. I've been in a bunch of shows and heavily involved in my school's choir and theatre programs since my freshman year, but I've never done professional theatre, don't go to an arts school, didn't attend Cherubs, etc.</p>

<p>Now, about a week before we find out, I'm starting to regret not sending in a recommendation letter from my director. :\ NU is my top choice, and I'm kind of freaking out. Does anyone know about the admissions process for the theatre program? Did I totally screw myself over?</p>

<p>I'd be interested to get some insight as well, as I'm in a very similar position. However, I have no information.</p>

<p>I always think more information is better.
Meh, we'll all know where we stand in a few days.
Good luck! ...or...Break a leg!</p>