Did my application make it?

<p>If I sent my application on Friday, October 29th by regular mail (however, I did put an official "priority" sticker on it, but I'm not sure what that does), do you think that my application made it there on time? Any thoughts on why it did or didn't?</p>

<p>Thanks! :) :(</p>

<p>PS- I'm from California, near San Francisco.</p>

<p>If it was supposed to be postmarked by November 1st, its fine. If not, it probably didn't get there on time, but I'm sure they're not too strict about the deadline.</p>

<p>Thanks, Alukaszewicz! I actually thought it had to BE there by November 1st, not postmarked. Wow, that is such a relief!</p>

<p>Thanks again! :D</p>