Did Rose's decision letters get mailed yesterday?

There was a post on facebook from their admissions department of “Keep your eye on the mailbox, our elves have been busy…”

Any other EA applicants waiting?

I am, but I read on their subreddit about someone who received acceptance via email.

Oh, that person who received it in email was an international student.

Hi @theshadow!! S17 is waiting too, as you know. I’ll hang out with you in this thread this week.

@RHITAdmissions Not a peep from you since April. Any news for us anxious parents and applicants?

@thshadow @STEM2017 I’m right there with you all! Wishing you all best of luck on the admissions decisions!

P.S. That comment asking how he got the email was also from me haha

I am waiting is well. Do you guys know if they email us at some point?

@animals676767 - my understanding is that they only mail a physical letter. Though I’m not 100% sure why I think that.

From Instagram…

Check your mail! Acceptance letters are in the wild. We are hoping to “see clearly” a lot of #RoseHulmanGetsMe posts this week!

D got her acceptance letter today by snail mail. Nothing in email. Also, it was a small envelope – ack, the suspense!

So you couldn’t tell by looking at the envelope?? That’s very good to know in advance!

@snoozn - are you in Indiana, or distant?

@thshadow, we’re in CO, so definitely unexpected! The letter is dated Dec 9. Yep, envelope is regular white business size envelope from Office of Admissions.

I hope everyone else hears good news soon!