Did the environment at Maryland change throughout the past 5-6 years?

<p>When I say environment I mean the people and the campus vibe. I remember hearing Maryland being a really fun party school and really relaxed and nice back in '04. Now, in 2010, I visited the campus and realized people are very uptight and a lot more studious; it seems like almost EVERYONE is like this not just a few kids. The students aren't the most welcoming people in the world either, there are lots of salty smart kids... Also it doesn't seem like there is a lot of diversity clashing here either. The campus is diverse but that doesn't mean anything if all of your friends have the same background as you. I mean, I am going here in fall 2010, but I just want to know if anyone here has felt this. </p>

<p>+Where are all the fresh kids!!! lol. when I visited howard and hampton I swore I was walking through a fashion show.</p>

<p>Hm, interesting question. I'm not sure if the vibe has changed over 5-6 years, though I imagine it has.</p>

<p>I know it has certainly changed looking further back (10-12 years). </p>

<p>In 1998 UMD was the 30th best public school overall according to USNWR. Now it is 18 (with a lot of the spots above it being schools in CA, so if you don't count those it moves up quite a lot lol). I believe there have been more dramatic changes in certain departments. So over that 12 year span I would say it has definitely gotten more "studious" and, perhaps, "uptight," if you will, as it sheds its party school rep and is becoming a serious, serious contender in many fields. (#6 in comp sci of all universities, not just publics, right? Yeah, that probably attracts more nerds). </p>

<p>In 2007 the school was one of the least affordable public universities. Now it is in the top 10 of most affordable publics, meaning even more studious kids would choose to go here over other universities. Also, a more economically diverse crowd can go here...which leads me to...</p>

<p>In terms of your other points, like, has it become less "friendly" or less "diverse", I would say heck no. The campus is extremely friendly...at least, I got a more friendly and laid back vibe from MD than I did from many other top publics, like UVa. I believe the campus has always had a problem with its diverse populations "mixing", which is a problem at all universities in the US that are Maryland's size or larger and have diverse populations to begin with. It is very easy to get involved in the BSU or other very active cultural groups, and stick with that "pocket" because the community is big and thriving...it is much more intimidating to branch out. But it really depends on you and what YOU want...I don't believe anyone would be hostile to making a new friend based on the color of their skin and my personal friendships span across all ethnic and economic backgrounds.</p>

<p>As far as style.....yeah................I wouldn't call students at UMD the most stylish. I also think kids dress very well at Howard hahaha.</p>

<p>Maybe I am biased because 7/10 of the students that go here come from montgomery or howard county schools and I just don't want to be with them next year... </p>

<p>The faculty was pretty friendly, but the students are all about school work and it comes off as being salty!!! Thats what bugs me about this university, I was planning on going to a college where EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK there was a huge party going on. And I do not know why the schools uses DC as an attraction to come here because if you don't have a car you wont be going as often as you think, even if you do have a car, going to DC is a hassle and a mission.</p>

<p>"I was planning on going to a college where EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK there was a huge party going on."</p>

<p>LOL now I'm not so sure this thread is for real. Is any college like that? I'm sure there's SOMEone partying every day of the week (the most awesome party I ever went to was some random Tuesday and my friends and I were just walking around the neighborhood and approached a random house haha)...but I will admit that I haven't found that to be a frequent (or even once repeat) thing.</p>

<p>I also come from either MoCo or HoCo, and I haven't hung out with kids from my HS at all. I rarely (if ever) see them, either. There are so many students at MD that that is not a problem in the slightest. </p>

<p>Aaaand finally, I don't have a car and I go to DC almost every weekend. I think DC should be a huge selling point. Of course, it's not IN DC, so a place like Howard is going to be more awesome in that respect. Then again, I'm from the burbs, so DC's accessibility from UMDCP is AMAZING to me. Somebody who grew up in the city or who is considering city schools would think differently I imagine. I like the balance between the suburban and urban personally...you will find that more urban schools have less going on, on campus. MD has amazing events every day. And, if you get tired of it, you can always journey into DC. So to me the balance is perfect. But of course it's really different than Howard or NYU or something.</p>

The faculty was pretty friendly, but the students are all about school work and it comes off as being salty!!!


<p>Contrast this with the thread about the Honors program where the visiting student was shocked at how much the Honors dorm drinks/parties. :)</p>

<p>Party every night of the week and you will be on academic probation after the 1st semester. The only reason you may not be is that you are taking too easy of courses and skating or you really should have been at MIT or Yale. </p>

<p>Do not go in thinking that this is a breeze, you can cut classes and just show up 3 or 4 days (1st day for the syllabus, mid term and final). Bullet actually thought only to find out after getting the syllabus that the prof changed the mid term date and he missed it.</p>

<p>I am not going to say that my child doesn't party during weekdays, because I am not naive. However, I know that he has brought home books during breaks because he knew he was going to have a test when he got back.</p>

<p>College will be different for every student regarding how often you can hang out and how often you hit the books. Just because one student parties a lot and pulls a 3.6 does not mean that you can do the same, conversely just because one student hits the books nightly, but pulls a 3.0 means that you will live in the library or visit the prof during their office hours.</p>

<p>If I had to say if the vibe has changed over the yrs, I would say no! I remember visiting Bullet 20+ yrs ago and talking to DS now. It seems to be identical. However, both of these men were into going to football/basketball games, and playing intramural football or attending dorm parties on the weekend. When I go to visit DS it is still the same. You see kids playing flag football, hanging on their mall, just being typical college kids.</p>

<p>I don't know what Maryland was like 5 or 6 years ago because I'm not from the area.</p>

<p>But if you came to visit during the day, yeah everyone was focusing on work.
If you came at night, there are parties.
All the smart kids (I'm not going to pretend I know what salty means)
party when they're done with their work. I live in the Gemstone dorm and have maybe met six people who don't drink or get high at all.
People here are welcoming, but maybe if you came off as someone who thought they were too good for Maryland, then yeah they probably weren't.</p>

<p>If there's one thing Maryland students care about more than partying, it's school pride. You come here to visit and insulted both those aspects, there's little wonder why students came off as distant.</p>

<p>If you want a fashion show, go to a preppy school where everyone wastes their parents money on expensive drugs and good alcohol. If you want a chill environment where no one cares what you look like, go to Maryland.
But if you're going to come and complain about how boring it is, be ready to not have friends.</p>

<p>I second that notion :)
I'm not a freshmen student at umd yet, but i will be in the fall.
and i have to say one of the main reasons i loved the school so much is the relaxed vibe where I just saw girls/guys lounging in sweats (a.k.a. not vain)
And the issue with the partying thing.
I like the "smarter" atmosphere umd has embraced. I care about schoolwork and I think being surrounded by people who also care creates a intellectual environment to thrive in.
And if your looking to party everyday of the week then why are you even going to college?</p>

<p>I am the studious type and I have lived in the immediate area for 11+ years. I have seen the type of environment that Maryland is transforming into and love it. I think it is still transforming from party state school to studious state school (if you had been in the room I was overnight, you would feel fine). I've seen this because the number of students who get admitted from my school is dwindling while students still think of it as a safety (love my school but geez, I worry about its mentality). But the students at Maryland are definitely helpful. Maryland is the only school whose students ever called me and talked to me about their programs and were real cool about it (except UVa but I never got to call them back and they never called me back). </p>

<p>College is what you make it. If you want to party, you can party. If you want to study, you can study. If you want to do both, you can. Especially at Maryland. It has a good mix.</p>