Did they send out id?

<p>I just realized, I don't think I got an ID number or login info to check my decision on March 31. Did they send it through email cuz I got an email from cornell with my info just a few days ago. Is there anyway to find mine out?</p>

<p>edit: ooo, they send out emails? ok i guess ill just wait for that then.</p>

<p>you were supposed to have gotten it (at latest) in mid-January...it was an e-mail; it doesn't matter, the decision will just be an e-mail, so there's no need for login info.</p>

<p>ok, seems you found out...</p>

<p>i read the title of this thread and was like "wow, the id, the unconcious personality structure present at birth"....what can i say, i have a psych exam tomorrow that includes Freud....</p>