Did UC Davis Consider “Fit” in 2021 Applications?

I’m wondering how many of the other factors UC Davis considered in addition to GPA, particularly for non-STEM majors this year? D21 was sad and disappointed by her Davis denial as she considered this a top school and thought she demonstrated she was a strong candidate for Design. She’s not quite a 4.0 (3.95 with a 504), but would be darn close if S2 Junior year was not pass/no pass and they looked at her S1 Senior grades, all A’s; including AP Physics 1 which was the first time she took a physics course. I realize strength of the applicant’s academic record (gpa) is the most important component consideration, but I’m wondering if the “holistic” review process was negatively impacted by the avalanche of applications this year?

Do others feel like they were a good fit for Davis, but denied admission, not even WL?

I thought I would be a good fit for ucsb, uci and ucd and got rejected from all 3, but accepted into ucsd, ucsc and wl ucla ( ucsc and UCLA which are both higher ranked that the other 3, and even if it’s a WL, it not a straight up rejection so I consider it a win). I think the schools look for people who feel like they would with the idea of the student they’re looking for. I definitely think its holistic because I know I have good stats ( got into sdsu, cal poly SLO, and csulb and few others just with stats) so it must have been soemthing else in mya application that didn’t align with the colleges. I can’t do anyhting about it and just take the 3Ls.

The increase in apps, test blind, less ecs in senior year, weird calculation of Uc GPA, all contributed to an even more cutthroat and competitive application season. It was an unpredictable time ( like seriously. Did not expect ucsd after the 3 rejections so was very very pleasantly surprised ). I think that whatever school she ultimately goes to, she and the school will hopefully be the perfect fit for each other and Davis perhaps just isn’t for her, like it wasn’t for me :wink:

On a side note , my friend had similar stats to mine but slightly lower and she got in so I really think it is holistic and they’re looking for fit, through ecs, essays etc.

I appreciate your reply! The UC admission process this year has knocked everyone down a few notches. It stings a bit when the friends who got in don’t even want to go there, but you did and you got rejected. She has other options, so in time she’s be okay with everything.

Good luck to you!

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Yes. They always have. Its not just a GPA game anymore

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