did UCD released all admission status yet?

<p>It seems like they have a UCD intro program offer at 4/12- 5/9, will they release all decision before 4/12. Are they going by department? how about biological science?</p>

<p>"Latest news: Student who applied to the College of Letters and Science and the College of Biological Science shouldn't expect to hear admissions decisions until closer to the middle of April. We are working as fast as we can to evaluate these files so decisions might be released at an earlier date but it looks like the middle of April.</p>

<p>Students in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and the College of Engineering will continue to hear on a rolling basis.</p>

<p>Need to know what college your major is in? Visit Colleges & Divisions to search for your major."</p>

<p>to cheba63: where did you hear this news? I remembered seeing this before, but forgot when.</p>

<p>UCD Admissions posted it in a couple of threads.</p>