Did you get confirmation from Princeton?

<p>Hey, </p>

<p>I applied ED and sent in a paper app. So far I have not received any confirmation from Princeton that they received my app. I sent it last friday. Should I call them tomorrow to confirm or just wait?</p>

<p>no. you sent last friday</p>

<p>my teacher sent the rec about 3 weeks ago. i still havnt gotten anything.</p>

<p>It takes about a week and a half to two weeks, judging from the time I got my card. Remember, Princeton's characteristically slow when it comes to sending things, heheh.</p>

<p>I got a postcard from them today letting me know that my application was recieved.</p>


<p>I got mine as well. I filed online about 4 days before the deadline.</p>

<p>They have a file for each applicant on their database. As soon their database recognizes all parts of ur app, it automatically sends out a post card letting you know that the entire app has been recieved. If they're missing a part of ur application, they send u a postcard letting you know which part (whether they allow you to hand it in... i doubt it).</p>

<p>So if u applied online, it might have been registered faster than if you mailed a paper app (since they'd have to update the database by hand). So paper-app ppl, dont worry, they said wait two weeks or so.</p>

<p>2 weeks? hmm. i live on west coast.. hope that's why its been 3 weeks.</p>

<p>"If they're missing a part of ur application, they send u a postcard letting you know which part (whether they allow you to hand it in... i doubt it)."</p>

<p>You mean if they're missing something? Of course they let you hand it in!!</p>

<p>well what if the deadline passes by the time you get the postcard, then what? I'm really worried about this: it still have not received the application form i requested in JULY, what more the confirmation card....
will they give you confirmation if you just call?</p>

<p>Wait two to three weeks after sending in your app to call if you must.</p>

<p>yup, that's just what i had decided to do...thanks zant</p>

<p>hey zant, happy 707th --> you're really old now :) we'll have to hold a special 'mille'-party when you get to 1000!!</p>

<p>lol thanks!
yea i'm hoping to become a senior member by the 1000th</p>

<p>woulnd it to be too late if i find out in like a week that i missed something? it wont make it on time!</p>

<p>I wonder why Princeton has been so slow getting everything out...at least they aren't late with their ED notifications (from what I've heard, anyway)...</p>

<p>I requested the application packet months ago, and I got it just a couple of hours after I sent my app. I wonder if that's a good omen or bad =)</p>

<p>do u think we could check the old forums?
we could find this month of last year, and see wat they said about ED confirmations.</p>

<p>Checked there just now: last year, this guy got his confirmation letter (in our case a postcard), on Nov 24th, and other ppl of some other year didnt get their confirmation even by Dec 1st.</p>

<p>So i dont think theres anything we should be worrying about now.</p>

<p>PS: its wierd reading the posts of the ppl as they get accepted. The thread's dripping with euphoria. And let's not forget the rejections and defferals... <em>sigh</em></p>

<p>I know~
Reading those old threads made me so nervous, and then I realize we still have 40 something days to go. Gahh</p>

<p>Yeah, I read the 270-something post "Post Here When You Get Your Letter" thread every once in a while. They seemed to have a pretty good acceptance rate for the most part, but it still makes me nervous. There are so many more of us this year on here than there were last year. I think that's going to be a massive thread, though. Oy vey...I've said that twice today. What's up wit' dat?</p>