Did you guys hear????????????????????


<p>Hi, I'm a high school senior planning to apply to Boston University ED.
Well, i'm from New Mexico...here r my stats:</p>

SAT 1300 (horrible!)
Top 3% of class</p>

<p>Key Club Pres
Senior Class Secretary
Intern at ER
Intern at Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (last year)
Governor's Advisory Council (Cabinet for youth issues)
Mayor's Water Conservation Alliance
Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership
House of Represantatives
Youth and Government
Spanish Honor Society
National Honor Society
Piano for 13 years
Girl's Book Group
English Expo
Science Olympiad
Future Problem solving</p>

<p>Major Awards
State Science Fair winner
State Piano Winner
English Expo State Champ 4 years
Other little awards...not anything amazing. </p>

<p>I have LOTS of community service. I also tutored at an at-risk middle school for 5 years. And I tutor a 5th grader and a 5 year old. </p>

<p>I think my test scores will really hurt me...my SATs. I'm taking the SAT IIs in November. </p>

<p>Oh, senior year classes:
Studeng Government
AP Calc
AP Physics
AP ENglish
AP Biology
World History
US History
Gifted Mentorship</p>

<p>People have been telling me that its an advantage as a Asian girl from NM but I dunno...I have good extra curriculars but do you think I will have a chance at Boston
Yale (WAYY reach)
Stanford (Ditto)
UT Austin
Rice (Also reach)

<p>when you write "Did you guys hear" as the first sentence in your college essay, I think they will be confused to see that it has no new information in it. You know, subjects and titles reflect the content, but I just dont see that with this post. </p>

<p>So, no, I didnt hear that you are Asian and from NM.</p>

<p>CALM DOWN! didnt you say on your last post that it was the last time you'll post your stats? LOL</p>