Did you guys send all your SAT Subject Test Scores?

<p>Or, to those who are applying ED2 or RD, are you going to?</p>

<p>I am sending Biology E (730) and Math II (760).</p>

<p>I applied ED1. I only had one set of Subject Test scores because I only sat for one test date. I would advise that you send all scores to Pomona - no hiding. Most liberal arts schools like to see all scores. They will only judge you based on your highest scores. Also keep in mind that test scores aren't everything to the Admissions staff at Pomona.</p>

<p>When you submit the Pomona supplement, you have to sign a statement that, "I have read and understand the Pomona College Policy on Standardized Testing Reporting. I certify that I have submitted or will submit all ACT and/or SAT test scores from all ACT and/or SAT test dates."</p>