Did you know ...?

<p>in this thread you post interesting facts you know</p>

<p>my contribution: 13.7 percent of youths aged 12 to 17 were approached this month by someone selling drugs. would have thought it would be higher. the rates have decreased, it was 16.7 percent in 2002.</p>

<p>the whole report is fascinating, really.
Results</a> from the 2008 NSDUH: National Findings, SAMHSA, OAS</p>

<p>OMG</a> Facts - Your Mind. Blown.</p>


<p>^You just killed the next 20 minutes of my life and more to come. Thanks x_x</p>

<p>^^My mind. It is not blown.</p>

<p>^but they engineered goats that lactate SPIDER SILK</p>

<p>Talk like Yoda, I can. Mad, are u?</p>

<p>That when you are on the pill, there is no need for a monthly period?</p>

<p>^^^ lol. 10 char</p>

<p>Ninety million people survive on less than $75 a year.</p>

<p>^ It's facts like that which make me want to forget about HS & college and go help the poor.</p>

<p>Ants always fall on their right side when intoxicated.</p>