did you single space your essays...

<p>or double space them?</p>

<p>I single spaced both of mine, but I don't think that it really matters.</p>

<p>I think under a word limitation, double space would be better. However, under a page limitation (such as "Please keep your essays limited to one page), single space is the preferable option. Otherwise, you'll find yourself writing two-hundred word essays.</p>

<p>No, single space. Always. It's much more professional looking. As I've said many many times, double space is ONLY there so that teachers can correct and make suggestions on the essays and papers that you hand in. Now what good will that do if you're handing the essays in to admissions officers?</p>

<p>I did 1.5 spacing. Seemed like a pretty good compromise to me (it does make the text a bit easier to read at size 11/12 font).</p>

<p>I was really undecided between single spacing and 1.5 spacing since I liked the look of the spacing with the 1.5, but I also liked how everything fit on one page with the single spacing...so I just did 1.1 spacing.</p>

<p>I double spaced both my UNC essays, which were under a word count. I thought it would be easier to read, and the reader could make notes if they wanted to.</p>

<p>I doubt it really matters though. Since I uploaded them, they couldn't put it into single spacing if they wanted to, I guess.</p>

<p>I single spaced mine, simply because I agree with Pebbles - it is a lot more professional looking. More concise. I felt that if I put double spaces, it was space available for them to mark off (does that make sense?).</p>

<p>I double spaced my Stanford Essay, but I don't think it really matters.</p>

<p>Single space! Although online, you don't really have much of a choice...</p>

<p>I single spaced my Stanford one so it would fit on one page.</p>

<p>Well, I know at least the University of Washington wants a double spaced essay.</p>

<p>"The length of your essay should be -- before you paste it into the application window -- about two pages, typed and double-spaced. Responses to topics #2 or #3 may use an additional page or two."</p>

<p>I think it's good to go with 1.25 spacing. It looks more professional and polished than the single or double. I feel that single spacing is sometimes too compacted to allow the reader to actually READ your stuff. I think anywhere between single and 1.5 is a happy medium to allow someone to read a line without getting lost and still have it not look like a school essay.</p>