Did your status page show that your Cornell stuff was received?

<p>Hi! I submitted my Cornell application on Friday, Oct 29th. I was wondering if anybody had their materials checked off on the Cornell status webpage? I've waited about a week and I still haven't seen my stuff checked off. It's getting me worried. What should I do?</p>

<p>all my stuff are checked includin sats and sat2;'s</p>

<p>it takes time for them to update</p>

<p>everything but the essay and teacher rec forms have shown up on the page. my counselor mailed her rec on the 26th; it showed up yesterday.</p>

<p>I still haven't gotten everything checked off. I called them yesterday and all they told me to do was to wait and see when they'll get checked off. I'm so worried! What do I do? Should I call them again? When do you think my status page will have the stuff checked off</p>

<p>yeah mine is incomplete, but the site said to wait about a week. and if something is missing, theyll contact you and give you time. if everything was sent, then it should get there, so i wouldnt worry about it...yet.</p>

<p>I only have common app and test scores :/. Teachers sent out recs well before deadline, lets hope they will be checked off soon.</p>

<p>:) Good Luck to everyone!! :) :D</p>

<p>I still cannot see my stuff checked off! AHHH!!! They took away that early decision message. I thought that the stuff would've been entered but I guess not.</p>

<p>ericng, i also cant see my stuff. im really freaking out. they've got everything except for the stuff that my guidance department has to send. this is so frustrating.</p>

<p>ahhhhhhhh! They have only received my part 1 and only 1 teacher rec. My common app, supplemental essays, transcripts, etc. are all missing!!!!!!! OMG i'm starting to freak out.</p>

<p>Me too, except for the freaking out part. Think about the thousands of different things they have to sift through. Give them till the 11th like they said.</p>

<p>Actually I'm starting to get worried too. You guys just had to remind me!</p>

<p>you want more words huh? bump</p>

<p>I can quote odysseus on this one.</p>

<p>How do you guys even check this?</p>

<p>It says I need a PIN number to log in but I dont think I received one yet</p>

<p>How did you guys receive this PIN number?</p>

<p>It is emailed to you after you send the check</p>

<p>I hope everything goes well soon. I want to see more check marks!</p>

<p>bump - bring uppie my post.... please :D</p>

<p>well, i obtained my PIN number and created my account and found that they received all components of my app and they were forwarded to the college for review</p>

<p>any updates?</p>