Diddy Riese

<p>Any UCLA students grab a cookie from Diddy Riese? Any comments on the quality? I heard they are even better than Mrs. Fields which is just a few blocks away.</p>

<p>It's All about the Ice Cream Sandwiches $1. Diddy Riese is making it so hard to take CAL over LA. Then again CAL has top dog.</p>

<p><em>drool</em> i had it wen i went to visit campus. it's DELICIOUS but very very bad for you <em>nods</em></p>

<p>but then again who can pass up cheap icecream n cookies?</p>

<p>the cookie sandwich was cheap and pretty good (very sweet, though... ice cream AND cookies)</p>

<p>Then again CAL has top dog.</p>

<p>And UCLA now has U Dog :)</p>

<p>"And UCLA now has U Dog" </p>

<p>It will never match the quality of the hole in the wall top dog at Berkeley.</p>

<p>I LOVE DIDDY RIESE! I'm gonna go there everyday.</p>

<p>Diddy Riese is the shiznit... unless the lineups are huge.</p>

<p>...which they frequently are</p>

<p>OMIGOD... you're making my mouth water from across the country!!! I think I reported to Diddy Riese at least once every week, or two weeks - for at least a good year or two at my stay there. There are other cookie stores there (stupid) but nobody ever really went there unless they didn't know about Diddy Riese... </p>

<p>It used to be better though... a quarter a cookie. They're family owned. Cookies are ALWAYS fresh... and you canNOT stay away from the $1 ice cream sandwiches!!</p>

<p>You know, everytime I pay a visit back to CA, I make sure I get myself to Westwood and buy a dozen. It never loses its taste.</p>

<p>Is there an In-n-Out near Cal? There's one in Westwood.</p>

<p>I think In-N-Out is only So-Cal. Not sure...</p>


<p>In-N-Out is not only soCal, there's a lot up here in NorCal. not sure if there's one located by berkeley though.</p>

<p>MMMMMM Diddy Riese!</p>

<p>At Alumni Scholarship State Finals, they took us to Diddy Riese and bought us all like five cookies.</p>

<p>Talk about a good way to make us want to go to UCLA!</p>


<p>I haven't heard anyone talk about the best thing about Diddy riese's yet... theyr'e hot dog combo for $1.50. Quick and cheap way to have lunch throw in a cookie to make it an even $2. Great late night snack for those of us who will live on campus.</p>

<p>Hmm..what about Damon and Pilas (sp?)?</p>

<p>^^ Damon & Pythias</p>

<p><a href="http://www.bruinfood.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.bruinfood.com&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>


<p>How close is In-N-Out to the dorms? That is definitely a perk of being waitlisted at my out-of-state dream school...In-N-Out will still be there...yay!</p>

<p>It's at the southwestern end of campus in Westwood Village.</p>