Didn't go to CalSo, but no e-mail yet for TeleBears Appt!!???

<p>anyone else? or has anyone who did not attend Calso get an e-mail?</p>

<p>Don't worry, I heard from myBerkeleyApp that we will only receive our codes after all the CalSO sessions have been completed.</p>

<p>Also, I wrote in to CalSO and received the following response (directly quoted):</p>

<p>"We will be sending out Advisor Codes in early July, so you should be getting something in the next week or two. This is the same time all other students who can’t attend CalSO will be receiving theirs, so don’t worry about being behind everyone else."</p>


<p>Me too, I have not recieved an email, but they told us about getting the email in July. What is the point of punishing us for not going to calso if we get our AC early.</p>

<p>When we non-calso's sign up for classes in mid-July can we only sign up for 10.5 units.</p>

<p>When do we get the AC's precisely?</p>

<p>It says mid-July.</p>

<p>But Phase 1 ends in 15 July and Phase 2 begins in 17 July, so the exact date is quite important!</p>