Dietary Supplements

<p>In my school athletes are always trying to get bigger faster, wheather that be with creatine, protein shakes, or pills. What do you guys think of teens taking supplements for sports or any other reason? Have you guys taken any sort of supplements before and what kind? I have taken zinc,protein, creatine, hoodia, and tons of vitamins. Do you guys think supplements are harmful?</p>

<p>Heck yeah. If you take creatine long enough, your body will stop producing it naturally.</p>

<p>Retinol. For my skin.
Ruined my liver, though, cos my doc made a mistake.. ("everybody makes mistakes" suddenly sounded cruel..) That's the point when you start questioning everything..</p>

<p>They can be harmful, definitely.
Think before you take something. What's in it? How much does your body need, how much do you get with normal food? Is it necessary?
Most stuff is just a waste of money...</p>

<p>I don't take supplements, everything I get is from the food I eat.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, this track "diet" doesn't allow room for fatty foods :(. Oh well, everything has its ups and downs.</p>