Diff Eq vs Linear Algebra

<p>Hey guys, freshman CS major here. For my degree, I need to take a class in Linear Algebra and some other upper division math classes of my choice. I already meet all the prereqs for the Linear Algebra class, and I am currently in calc 3 which would have me reach all the prereqs for Diff EQ. I feel that diff eq should be taken immediately after calc (if this is not so, please let me know), so it would make sense to take it next semester, correct? My next semester I am definitely taking 2 comp sci classes, so should I take both diff eq and linear algebra in addition for 13 hours (diff eq is 4 hours rather than 3), or should I take the 2 comp sci classes, 1 of the maths, and then 2 other random 3-hour classes I need for degree requirements for 15 hours? Thank you for any help!</p>

<p>Just in case this question comes up, I am not sure on a career path within comp sci yet, so I think taking diff eq at some point would be good just to be on the safe side. Please inform me if I'm mistaken.</p>

<p>Linear algebra is more pervasive than differential equations. But whether you take both courses at once or one afer the other is up to you, depending on how much you can handle in one semester. The order doesn't really matter. I'd probably take linear algebra first if I didn't take both courses together, but if you want to go through diff eq right after calc 3, that's fine too.</p>

<p>I'd say go linear algebra first since you're going to be using eigenvalues and eigenvectors in diff eq, and it'll be one less thing to learn if you've already seen it a previous semester.</p>

<p>As someone taking a class that puts both in one, I'd definitely say take Diff Eqs after your Calc I-III sequence. It's more directly related to the techniques of integration and differention you learned in those.</p>

<p>However, I love all the stuff I've learned in the Linear Algebra section. It's fun stuff bro.</p>