difference between 2011 and 2012 FAFSA

<p>My d is a first year college student. I just filled out fafsa and submitted. Then i decided to compare all the numbers to last year's. Line 92 of this year's asks about contributions to tax deferred accounts sighting a specific line on the tax return. Ours is zero even though i contribute to 401 k through work. But on last year's fafsa i filled in our 401k contributions. This year's is specific to the tax return. I don't remember if that was the case last year. Is this correct? Contributions to 401ks don't show up here, just ira/ keogh.</p>

<p>Contributions to the 401k are required, but the amount in the 401k is not. We paid into the 401k with pre-tax dollars, and I got that directly off line whatever of the 1040 to put on the FAFSA where indicated. (I had not done it at first, and that is the correction I just had to go make yesterday)</p>

<p>I realized that I misread that line and corrected the line before it that does ask for contribution info from the w~4. Thanks for the help.</p>