Difference between ap calc ab / bc?


<p>BC covers all the topics of AB plus additional topics. Specifics can be found [url=&lt;a href=“Get the Most Out of AP – AP Students | College Board”&gt;AP Calculus BC – AP Students | College Board]here.[/url</a>]</p>

<p>AB is supposed to be equal to 1 semester college calculus, BC supposed to be equal to 2 semesters.<br>
There is huge variation in how high schools utilize these courses.
Some schools offer one or the other, some offer options to take either, some teach them as a sequence over two years. </p>

<p>AB = college Calculus I.
BC = college Calculus I and II. </p>

<p>By the College Board’s design, AB is not a prerequisite for BC, but some high schools have an AB course that covers Calculus I and a BC course that only covers Calculus II. </p>

<p>At our school, I’m taking “AP Calc AB BC”, which our teacher described is Calculus I and II, but I would expect a calc BC class to cover both Calc I and II, and an AB class to cover Calc I.</p>