Difference between Bioengineering and Molecular Biology

<p>I would like to study Genetic Engineering, and as I was looking at some majors I found that there is Bioengineering that could focus on DNA, and Molecular Biology that could focus on Genetics. But I don't understand the difference between them. Could someone explain me the difference please? :)</p>

<p>someone? please? :)</p>

<p>At most places I looked, bioengineers work more with machines…MRIs, prosthetics, etc. Applying machines to the body. Molecular biologists work more with the actual DNA aspect.</p>

<p>I totally know what you mean haha. I also wanted to do “ingenieria genetica” and I had a hard time finding out what that was in the US. At some schools it may be called Biotechnology, such as at Tec de Mty ;)</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks kayb! i thought no one would ever answer :D</p>