Difference between Grants and FAFSA?

I get so confused with the terms “grants” and “FAFSA.” Does anyone have a clue and how to apply?

FAFSA is an application, Free application for federal student aid. You may qualify for a Pell grant, a supplemental grant, and subsidized loans. On the application you can list the schools you are applying to, and the federal aid will be handled through the school.

Many schools also use the FAFSA to award their own grants and sometimes even loans.

Just to add, grants (such as Pell, SEOG) is aid that does not have to be paid back. Subsidized loans are loans that the interest is paid by the government while you are a full time student.

@noname87 , do I have apply to grants separately from the FAFSA?

It depends on who is granting the grants. For federal grants (Pell, SEOG) no, you just file FAFSA and list the school on it. For a school grant, check the financial aid pages to see what they require.

For Florida Bright Futures, which is a grant for high school seniors that can be used at any school in Florida, YES, you have to apply for it separately from FAFSA.

if you are In CA, the Calgrant takes a separate application.

@sybbie719 does TAP require a separate application?

Talk with your guidance counselor. He or she should be able to answer your questions.

Some schools award merit grants from their own money. Some automatically award those grants based on grades and test scores, others require a separate application. Some schools require you to apply early to get those grants. You need to check each school.

@mamom , thank you very much. That was really helpful!