difference between seminar and regular course?

<p>Hey guys, I'm signed up for a 4 unit seminar which I believe is for a letter grade. Anyways, I was wondering what the differences were between seminars and regular courses. Is there less/more work involved? Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>From what I know, seminars are usually small classes for underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores), 1-2 units. They often concentrate on a narrow subject of interest, which is why most students take seminars "for fun."</p>

<p>I would say, in terms of workload, seminars are in the middle between decals (taught by undergraduates) and classes.</p>

<p>thanks weebly! has anyone had any experiences with 4 unit seminars?</p>

<p>4 unit seminars essentially have the same workload as a standard 4 unit course.</p>