Difference between University and state University?

<p>In california there's CSU and UC and community colleges...</p>

<p>since I'm failing spainsh 3 and apush I guess I can't go to a UC so I'll go to a CSU instead and you only need a 2.00 there.the only difference I know is the gpa admission and price of classes..
but is living at a state university that you need a minimum of 2.00 more fun than a university that requires atleast a 3.00....
I've heard more about parties at the 2.00 csu than uc...
are the classes easier than at a UC?</p>

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<p>I think some classes may be easier, and there may be a lower average quality of students at a CSU, but I believe most of them are still very solid schools. Cal Poly SLO is a great school for engineering if I'm not mistaken.</p>

<p>The answers to your questions vary by campus, major, and course selection.</p>