Difference Betweens Theses Majors (ECON)

<p>Whats the difference between these econ majors.</p>

<li>Business Economics</li>
<li>Managerial Economics</li>
<li>Business Managment Economics</li>

<p>I was thinking that number 2-4 are basically the same, but I am not sure about that.</p>

<p>Well does anyone know?</p>

<p>Probably just different names that colleges give to their majors, but they all teach you the same sort of stuff.</p>

<p>Well actually the thing is I am talking about those majors being at the same school. Like my school has Economics and a Managerial Economics major which are different, the same with UCSB with its Economics and Business Economics major two different majors.</p>

<p>Well, at UCSB they probably throw some business courses in as requirements in the Business economics, whereas the regular economics doesn't have as many or any at all business courses required.</p>

<p>I found out the difference, the other 3 can be similar to a management major with extra econ classes, or an econ major with extra management class usually it is up to the student and it depends on what classes he picks to satisfy the major.</p>

<p>So Business Econ is kind of like a mangement major w/ a few Econ classes on the side?</p>

<p>Well usually it depends on what classes a students take to satisfy their major, they can usually either decide to take more business classes than econ class or more econ than business classes.</p>

<p>vtboy, do you go to ucsb?</p>