Difference in EFC Calculatiions

<p>I've been using different EFC calculators to try to determine my EFC, and for most of them it gave me a number around $2000-3000.
Then I tried the EFC calculator at act.org, and it gave me a number around $17,000.
Is ACT's the more reliable? Which one should I trust?</p>

<p>I'm wondering if you put in a wrong number when using act.org</p>

<p>For your EFC to be about $17k, your family income might be around $70k. Would that be right? Of course if there are assets, then....</p>

<p>For an EFC of around $2 - 3k, I would imagine that your family income is lowish.</p>

<p>My family's income(in the house of my custodial parent only) is around $40,000.
Home equity is between $0-5,000.
Savings are below $500</p>

<p>Then the $17k EFC is not right. You may have put in a wrong number.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that some schools (some privates) will ask for NCP info.</p>

<p>The $17K is wrong with those numbers, but realize that most schools that only count custodial parent rarely meet need so EFC does not tell you much about what you'll end up paying at those schools.</p>

<p>I find finaid.com to be pretty accurate for our actual EFC.</p>