Differences between Bradley & Chad

<p>I've been reading up on these two LLCs on the housing website and I can't really tell what the difference between the two is. Other than one being in the Lakeshore neighborhood and one being in the Southeast neighborhood, what are the differences? Is their programming different? Are their goals different? If you lived in either, how was your experience?</p>

<p>My son and I visited UW in November and happened to take tours of both Bradley and Chadbourne. We visited Bradley first, so maybe that biased us, but we liked it better. Besides the obvious difference of one being located in SE and one in Lakeshore, my son liked Bradley for being the only all freshman dorm. He also liked the Roundtable discussions that you can sign up with with a professor. The dorm seemed pretty laid back and everyone seemed really friendly and he thought it would be an easy place to make friends. A current freshman living in the dorm took us on our tour and she said she was just doing it because she liked the dorm so much. The dorm rooms are not spacious at all, but he felt they were adequate. Chadbourne was also nice, but the dorm rooms there seemed even smaller to us. It is a high rise so of course you have to deal with elevators. It was nice having a cafeteria right inside the dorm (Bradley does not have that) and the food there is supposed to be one of the best on campus. We were given the tour by one of the Chadbourne staff members, but she had lived there the previous year and she had liked it a lot. She did say that Chadbourne attracts a lot of musician types and international students, since the music buildings are nearby. Also because they offer a lot of tutoring and counseling in that dorm so that is why a lot of international students like to live there.
I do not think you could go wrong with either one. My son decided to put Bradley as his first choice though because he prefers the Lakeshore region to SE.</p>

<p>The new Lakeshore building project will include dining facilities very close to Bradley- likely as convenient as taking the stairs and wallking a short distance as waiting for an elevator from an upper level Chad floor. Great thing about Res Halls- same quality standards in all of the choices but also a great variety to choose what most fits diverse students. Only you can decide your priorities. Find out opinions and go with your overall gut feelings instead of the "most popular" or "best" dorm in someone else's eyes.</p>