Differences between Freshman/Sophomore year

<p>So I was just a Freshman and had a pretty good time.</p>

<p>How does Sophomore year compare?</p>

<p>In specific, how does living on West Campus differ from living on East Campus?</p>


<p>From what I hear, the food improves.</p>

<p>Yes the food improves because you have more choices. However, some people find it a bit hard to adjust to not having a dorm-like community. Socially, people tend to separate a lot into circles of friends absent that whole dorm construct.</p>

<p>You're going to make less friends. People already have their group of friends, etc. Greek life is more exclusive. etc etc.</p>

<p>But food is better. West campus is a lot more convenient.</p>

<p>"You're going to make less friends." </p>

<p>That's not really true at all if you decide to branch out sophomore year and become more involved in clubs, activities, etc.</p>

<p>People please chime in if you made more friends sophomore than freshman year.</p>