Differences between Pomona and Claremont-McKenna

<p>What are the difference between Claremont McKenna and Pomona?</p>

<p>There are several:</p>

<p>--CMC focuses more on government, law and economics while Pomona is more of an all-around school</p>

<p>--CMC students and teachers are generally considered to be reletively conservative while Pomona students and teachers are generally considered to be liberal.</p>

<p>--It's slightly harder (but not by much) to get into Pomona than it is to get into CMC.</p>

<p>Those are the basic differences. If you want more, I'm sure that someone has posted on this in the past.</p>

<p>when i went to visit pomona, some cmc students informed me that sometimes they felt like they were living slightly in pomona's shadow, because it is commonly understood that pomona has an edge over claremont mckenna for all-around impressiveness. i had not heard anything about cmc being conservative, though. just as well that i'm going to pomona where i'll be happy with the liberal-ness.</p>

<p>Bigtom said the most the main differences, but I think the student bodies are pretty distinct too. Anything I'd say would probably be pretty biased, so doing an overnight at both is probably the best way to figure out with which one you would fit better.</p>

<p>when i visited pomona and was taking to one of the students, and i mentioned that one of my friends was going to cmc, he laughed and said, "and hes proud of that?" so i think pomona students consider themselves "superior" to cmc students.</p>

<p>whoever said that sounds like a dumbass. every school has a problem with them. that being said, I'd say Pomona does, in general, feel superior to CMC. why? prettier campus, older, higher ranked, richer (the school, not the students). Sometimes superiority goes to people's heads, doesn't mean you have to be a jack-ass about it though and I don't think Pomona has a bigger problem with that then say, any Ivy, not by a long shot.</p>

<p>There does seem to be a little rivalry between CMC and Pomona probably because of the sports teams and a difference somewhat in student personalities, Pomona seems laid back and intellectual while I see Claremont as a little more preppy , business oriented, somewhat more conservative but again any college that is 50/50 is considered conservative. CMC has a reputation as having more drinking but that could be rumor. CMC is a great school as well and is getting more difficult to get into each year.</p>

<p>the drinking thing is not just a rumor.</p>

<p>that's the truth...gotta love CMC's alcohol policy and lack of any sort of enforcement thereof</p>