Different final score and college choice confusion

Hi guys,

I’m sort of in a state of not knowing what to do right now. My school basically underpredicted me and issued a predicted grade of 40 for me; I was able to increase it to 41 after pleading with my Extended Essay mentor. Now just three days ago, the IB results came out and I got a 45. I’m so bummed because if my pg had been a 45, I would have been eligible for a merit scholarship at the school I’m going to enroll in this fall, not to mention I could have applied to more prestigious schools…

I don’t know if I should take a gap year and apply to different schools this fall. Or if I should go to university this year and transfer out.

Any advice would be really helpful.

How much would the merit scholarship be and how much would that assist you in terms of your specific financial situation? Also, how much to do like your current college choice? If you feel you could get into a better school that would’ve suited you more, you should definitely look into transferring and maybe choose a cheaper school to enroll in for this year if you’re fairly certain you’re transferring and if that cost would be much different from the school you currently wish to attend without the merit scholarship.

For US Colleges:
I am not sure if they give merit scholarships to transfers.
Also, do they base merit scholarships on IB scores? Usually it is SAT/GPA
But if so, I would contact the school you are going to go to and ask if you are still eligible for the Merit Scholarship.
Cuz if it is automatic, you should still be able to get it. If it is something you have to apply for, you might not get it anyway.
Will your IB scores give you course credit/advanced standing? Will you be able to graduate early/study abroad/do a coop with that?