Different grading scale--do colleges recalculate?

<p>My school is a Fairfax County (in NOVA) school (TJ is one too, for those of you who are unfamiliar) and our grading scale is different from other counties around us.</p>

<p>It goes:
A= 94-100
F=Below 64</p>

<p>Our weighting system is different too. We only get .5 added for AP courses (no honor courses). I have read that VA colleges don't recalculate and just use our weighted GPAs, which surprised me.
My questions is, how do colleges take this into consideration? Or do they even take it into consideration?</p>

<p>Yeah! My school is also in Fairfax county. Which one are you in? I come from Langley. I think they will recalculate them. And I heard some schools have even A+ and gain extra points.
The college should know that our schools are special and they must take this into consideration.</p>

<p>Hi, I'm actually from McLean, lol. We are "rivals"..! :p</p>

<p>Anyways, I'm sure there are lots of other "special" or competitive high schools out there, but it just doesn't seem fair that a C+ in our county would be a B elsewhere. :/</p>

<p>Yes. I heard somebody from my school transfers to other school. Their GPA go up a lot.
So you are senior?</p>

<p>Yes, I'm a senior this year.</p>

<p>Cool. I'm junior.</p>

<p>Colleges take into consideration that schools have differing levels of competitiveness as well as differing grading scales - so I would not worry about it.</p>

<p>man fcps is wack, and especially IB, with their .5 addition, truly terrible. hopefully this wont screw me over in admissions.</p>

<p>^ another FCPS student, I suppose? Anyone know if colleges go through and literally recalculate what students' gpa using their system?</p>

<p>FCPS is mean. Do they want to make sure students don't get into good colleges?</p>