different rec. questions for different schools :(

<p>I've always thought the format for the teacher evaluation was the same throughout all colleges, until today, I discovered there are some subtle or drastic differences among a few, for instance, MIT and Penn don't exactly ask for the same answer.</p>

<p>I will be applying to around 15 schools and I wish to use the unique teacher eval. form of the corresponding college, rather than the common app. (I hope I don't turn this thread discussion into the pro's and con's of using common apps)</p>

<p>anyways, does this imply that two of my teachers would have to fill out 15 individual teacher evaluation forms? </p>

<p>and how exactly do they send the rec's to the colleges? (I assume either that the councellor compiles all the rec's together and send them altogether or each teacher and councellor send their own, letting the admission office do all the work of organizing)</p>

<p>*I did try searching previous threads for similar questions for it must be one of more frequently asked questions, but wasn't very successful. if someone can link me a related thread, that'd be great also.</p>


<p>bump* anyone else? : (</p>

<p>Virtually all colleges will allow the teacher to submit a letter instead of the college's form. Colleges know that teachers are very busy and lack the time to individualize recommendations, so colleges are far more interested in the content of recommendations than the format.</p>