Difficult and lazy advisor


<p>I am an undergraduate student about to graduate in just a week. I have been going through a difficult time with my advisor and am in need of some advice. </p>

<p>I have been working with my advisor for the past two years on some research. I have made a lot of headway and was able to present my research at two large science conference in the past year. </p>

<p>My advisor and I have planned to submit our research for publication. I have worked very very hard in order to get this research done and ready for publication. I have actually had a complete manuscript completed about a year ago, figures and all, ready to submit. My advisor wanted to take a look at it and give some contribution since he is second author on the paper. The problem is that he has had this manuscript for an entire semester and keeps putting off working on it at all. Every time I ask him about it, he says he hasn't got around to it, and that he will in the next few days....This has been going on for almost an entire year. He has continuously gotten my hopes up, making me think that we are about to submit the paper, and every day I am let down again and again. Now I am about to leave to go to a PhD program in another state in about a week, and he has made zero progress on his contribution to this research.</p>

<p>The second part of my concern is that I actually have a second research project (on a similar subject) that I have done completely on my own. He has not contributed to this work at all but wants to be the 2nd author on the paper for this research which I am also ready to submit. I have not passed the manuscript on to him yet (since he has not finished with the first project). I do not mind him being an author on this paper, since he will help me write (or rewrite) it, although I would much rather just submit the paper myself so it will actually get submitted, since I will not be in the same state as him anymore, and I have been so extremely frustrated with him lately. I just can not stand working with a lazy advisor anymore, and do not want to wait a year just for him to glance at the manuscript...I am not sure if I am allowed to submit this paper under only my name. I know that he will be upset, but is it also unethical? We discussed my work on this subject, but he did not contribute and really does not know much about the topic. All I want is to make progress, and I am so tired of being held back. Should I publish under just my name? Or should I not publish at all? I would rather just not work with him anymore.</p>

<p>Can you talk to someone above him? The school's dean, etc.? </p>

<p>If so, I'd just do that and explain the situation.</p>