Difficult to Transfer to Agnes Scott??

I am currently a second-year at a non-competitive, non-prestigious state university and am thinking about applying to Agnes Scott as a transfer. I want to change my major that my school does not offer which ASC does and I love how ASC is a women’s college (I’ve always wanted to attend one) and it seems to have a very tight-knit community.
I am extremely worried about their transfer acceptance rate- 26% according to their most recent common data set.
I have a 4.0 GPA (completed 3 semesters so I would be applying as a junior) and am involved both in and out of school for ecs but my high school GPA was only around 3.6 w and their acceptance rate seems pretty daunting.

Does anyone know what they are looking for in a transfer applicant and what can I do to possibly strengthen my application to make me a competitive candidate?

Also, In previous years, it seems like their acceptance rate was around 40-50% so does anyone know why it had dropped so low (perhaps enrollment?)
I am not from Georgia, so I will a out of state applicant btw.
I would appreciate any advice.
Thank you in advance!

Hi! I transferred in fall 2019 as a sophomore. I was an out of state applicant from a big state university. I think just be genuine in those short questions because they really want to get to know you. Also, have a tangible future plan because you will be a junior when you apply. You will be graduating soon. In my PS, I said a lot about what I can gain from a women’s college that I can’t from a big state university. How this environment helps my career goal. Hope this helps.