Difficulty of Acceptance for Traditional BSN (CSUF Student Pathway)?

How difficult is it to get accepted to the nursing program at CSUF? I am a senior in high school and I barely made the eligibility index for the direct entry: I have an index of 4460, while the minimum is 4500. I might declare as undeclared and then finish the prerequisites to be able to apply to the Nursing program. How competitive is the program? Is it worth to go undeclared at CSUF, because what if I do not get accepted to the nursing program? What my trepidation is that my arduous academics will not qualify me as a strong candidate–after two years of fulfilling the pre-reqs.

From the CSUF Nursing website:

PLEASE NOTE: Only 5-10 students will be admitted into this program each Fall for the CSUF Pathway.

No guarantee either way that you will get into any Nursing you apply to in California unless it is a direct admit. If you do apply to the direct admit program, CSUF can accept you as Undeclared if you do not make into the program. You can also take the nursing pre-req’s and apply to other Nursing programs as a transfer. You are not limited only to CSUF.

It really up to you and I would apply widely and if you want a guarantee, then limit your applications to direct admit programs only.