Difficulty of Changing CS Major to EECS Major

I applied to Davis as a CS major. Assuming I am able to get in, how difficult would it be to change it to an EECS type major (particularly computer systems engineering). Is the major really impacted at Davis?

<p>Is your CS major in the engineering department?</p>

<p>It's in Letters and Science.</p>

<p>Ya it will be hard to change into engineering. You will need to get approval from the department. It's not impossible though.</p>

<p>they have eecs at davis? i thought they just have ee!
i just got in ee i had no idea they had eecs!</p>

<p>Yes they have EECS. You could switch pretty easily since you are already in for engineering.</p>

<p>Are the EECS or EE or CSE majors heavily impacted at Davis? Would switching be as difficult as in UCB?</p>

<p>According to the College of Engineering web site, they are currently reviewing the requirements to change your major into Engineering.</p>

<p>"The change of major requirements for the College of Engineering are currently under review. Please check with the Undergraduate Advising Office in 1050 Kemper Hall for information about change of major procedures."</p>

<p>Advising:</a> Undergraduate: Current Students: College of Engineering: UC Davis</p>

<p>You won't be able to switch majors until you finish most of calculus, and the beginning of chem and physics. So unless you already have units from elsewhere, it should take a year before you can declare an EE major. You should be fine though since you're going to have to take chem and calculus for Comp Science.</p>