Difficulty of Late Testing Exams (Especially for Phys C)

<p>Hey you all, for those who have experience with late testing exams (Physics C especially), are the questions way harder, or are the curves just more brutal, or both? How much harder were the questions, relatively? </p>

<p>For the record, I'm taking late Phys C Mech and EM.</p>

<p>im taking chem late, and ive heard its way easier than the regular ones
but i don't know for sure because i haven't taken one
i know they do different curves for the makeups based on everyone else who did them which is a significantly small number so you REALLY have to know your stuff on them</p>

<p>^ Actually, I heard that late testing exams are sometimes more difficult than the normal dates because of the smaller sample size (distorted curve)...But I'm not positive</p>

<p>I head the same thing as laststopforme. There is a much smaller population meaning much less of a curve...and many teachers have all said that they make the questions harder also.</p>

<p>I'm really not sure. I took Calc AB late last year and received a 4, and I really didn't think it was terribly hard.</p>

<p>yeah thats what i meant that since there is SO many less people taking it the curve is so much tighter. </p>

<p>but last year my friend had taken world history late and said it was SO easy
and another friend took calc ab and said also that it was extremely easy</p>

<p>they both got 5s on their exams</p>

<p>but i dinno im scared for chem</p>

<p>lol, um... where ever your hearing that the late exam is hard, how would they know... obviously no one takes both. Why would they make the late exam any harder? Pointless.</p>

<p>Just my opinion. :D</p>

<p>I hope that they aren't any harder. The smaller sample for a curve does make sense though it still shouldn't be too far off, right? Our counselors somehow forgot to order the AP Psych exams (?!) so our school is taking it on the make-up date.</p>

<p>It all depends on the people. Chem is a hard test anyway. It was hard today (for me at least), and I'm sure it will be hard late as well.</p>

<p>@ seanbow, either way, Psychology is one of the easier exams. I'm sure you'll be okay</p>

<p>the online form B's they have were arguably more difficult than the form A's for ap calc ab</p>

<p>^ the form B isn't the makeup test. it is just another version give to people on regular exam day.</p>

<p>^yeah the makeup test is basically some top secret test that nobody ever manages to get their eyes on lol.. And I doubt the curve for late testing is that off took it last year and messed up but still got a five.</p>