digital camera

<p>My 13 yr old is going to Italy in a few days. She just bought a digital camera with her saved up money. She got one of the Canon's recommended in a previous thread.
The camera has a rechargeable battery. I figure we need to get her some sort of adapter to charge the battery.
What does she need?</p>

<p>One of these adapters should do fine - </p>

<p></a> - Power & Batteries: Home & office power: Foreign travel adapters: Foreign Adapter Plug for Continental Europe</p>

<p>If the camera battery charger is like that used on my Canon SD750 camera, it can already handle the higher voltage of Europe so all you should need is the adapter (doublecheck by checking the voltage rating on the back of the adapter - usually it'll be something like 100-240v - you need it to handle 220-240v). I believe you can get them at Fry's for about a third of the price of Radio Shack.*|*GQ</a> Products</p>

<p>Make sure she has a large enough memory card in his camera (unless he's taking a laptop) or borrow/buy a spare 2G if possible.</p>

<p>I hope she has a blast.</p>

<p>Thanks so much. That is the exact camera she bought. She also picked up a two pack of memory cards at Costco. I was really surprised at how the price of cameras have dropped. We bought our Sony just a few years ago and paid much more then she paid and for not nearly as nice of a camera.
We went first to Circuit City and looked but decided to try Costco. The same camera was 35 dollars less and she saved 5 bucks on the cards.
At Circuit City the camera area looked like Christmas time. The area was packed with vacationing Europeans picking up a camera at a good price.
We don't have a Frys but we do have Radio Shack which should be less expensive then Magellan's the travel store I thought about going to.</p>

<p>You might want to call your local Radio Shack first to see if they have it in stock since they don't stock everything in the stores that they have online. I've run into this a couple of times with them. Another option is to just purchase it online from Frys or someplace for < $3.</p>

<p>This was a last minute purchase. She is leaving tomorrow afternoon.</p>

<p>Oh. If RS doesn't have it, it looks like BestBuy might have one they stock in stores although they're charging more for it. Worst case, she can probably buy one in Italy. </p>

<p>These batteries actually last quite a long time so make sure she at least charges it up first.</p>

<p>Thanks. I have her charging it right now. She is really excited about the camera.
We are basically big box store deprived. No Best Buy, just a Circuit City with clueless employees. The Radio Shack is closeby if not we have a travel store that will probably be more expensive but since this is an all expense paid trip courtesy of a kind relative I think I can splurge for a plug adapter. Plus she needs it to charge her IPOD.</p>

<p>She also may be able to download the pics to the ipod. Tell her to take LOTS of photos and to have a wonderful trip!</p>

<p>I actually found that Radio Shack was selling them for the highest price in my area. The cheapest was at a local luggage store where I bought it for about $8.</p>

<p>Got it at Magellan's the travel store for under 3 dollars.</p>